Earrings in Diamonds – The Most Elegant Accessory

Nothing beats diamond earrings when it comes to elegance or class. The diamond earrings look almost magical because of their stunning sparkle and simple simplicity. The most versatile piece of jewelry, diamond earrings, is also one of the most exquisite. These earrings can be worn almost anywhere. Your diamond earrings can be worn with an evening dress for a formal dinner party, or with a blue sweater and jeans for an afternoon picnic. Diamond Earrings are so versatile because of this versatility. You can customize your earrings to fit your style with the many styles available.

You will find the perfect pair of diamond earrings

Quality is the most important aspect of choosing diamond earrings. Low quality diamond earrings will not make you look great, but can actually diminish your natural beauty. Higher quality diamond earrings are often more expensive but well worth it.

First, you must consider the diamond studs that are being used when searching for high quality diamond earrings. You should be aware of the four Cs of diamond quality: cut (clarity), color (color), and carat.

The cut of the diamond is very important. The cut of a diamond is what makes it shine and beautiful, more than any other attribute. You can tell if a diamond studded has a good cut by looking at it. It should reflect the light equally and brilliantly. If there are dark spots, the diamond was cut too deeply. If the diamond appears opaque, it may have been cut too low. Badly cut diamonds make earrings that look hollow and lifeless. If the diamonds have been cut correctly, diamond earrings will sparkle brilliantly.

Clarity of the diamonds used in your earrings is equally important. A diamond’s clarity is determined by the number of inclusions (or flaws) that can be seen. The obvious flaws found in a diamond stud can ruin its beauty and alter the way it reflects sunlight. You should avoid diamonds with grades below “I3”. All diamonds graded SI2 and higher are “eye-clean”, meaning that no flaws can easily be seen. I1 and I2 diamond studs have slight visible inclusions but are great value, especially for diamond earrings.

Important is the color of the diamonds. The most precious and expensive diamonds are completely colorless. The GIA ranks the color of diamonds on a scale D to Z. Z stands for distinctly yellow and D for absolute colorlessness. D through F are the most expensive diamonds, but experts agree that H range diamonds look colorless when mounted. This makes them better for diamond earrings.