Placement of Rock Boulders in Your Garden

Natural stone is one of the most beautiful and durable additions to a landscape. It can also be the most unpredictable. It doesn’t matter how carefully your designer places boulders. The actual rock may not look the same. Each boulder is different, which determines how the final selection will be made and where it will be placed. You can see fake rocks for more information.

Because of the high price of stone used in landscape design, it is essential that each piece be used to its best advantage. These six factors influence how rock boulders look and perform.

Is it right for you? There are many types of stone and building materials in India. The best choice should be in harmony with both the house’s details and the surrounding landscape. The round boulders are the most popular. They have a rounded appearance and are very interesting. These boulders can also be stained with iron. You can keep the same look if you use rock on-site for construction by using similar boulders.

Keep it local. Rocks are extremely heavy. The cost includes not only the rock but also the hauling from the source back to the site. Local hauling is obviously cheaper than long-distance transport. You don’t have to buy huge rocks. Small rock boulders are also available.

Be sure to keep it in scale. The biggest mistake in using too small boulders is that they are difficult to transport and more expensive to place. If the scale is not correct, the rock won’t look as intended.

Accessibility and placement. It requires a lot more manpower to move rocks from one place into another. To avoid costly overruns, plan your space. You should place the rock at a location that is easy to access.

Options for arrangement: No one can place just one boulder. Most likely, boulders will be of different sizes and linked by the same parent materials in a garden. You can place boulders in different places to enhance the garden’s look.

Planting and nesting are possible because of the way that boulders are placed. To protect plants from the elements and access the moisture stored beneath the stone in dry season, plants are able to grow around boulder edges.