Self Storage Facility Security

It is important to pay attention to the security measures in place at the self storage facility. While some storage facilities may be cheaper than others, security is often compromised by their low price. This will be one the most important decisions you make when you are going to be keeping valuable items. You need to ensure that your storage space is secure. There are many key components. Here are some tips to help ensure the safety of self-storage spaces.

Let’s begin by looking at the exterior. Check to see if any guard-posts have been placed at main entrances. Ask guards questions about patrolling times and their schedules. Examine their rules for visitors. Check if they keep a log or allow visitors to enter and leave. Check the perimeter fence, which can be either an electrical or reinforced concrete one. Look out for potential security hazards and gaps. Ask if the company has motion-detectors and industrial-level security lighting. These are effective ways to prevent potential thieves from breaking into your home. Your belongings will be protected from any unwanted activity by the strength of their security.

Ask the manager whether they have a policy for a sole key holder. This ensures that you are the only one allowed to access your storage unit. Ask the manager if security cameras have been installed in the area. Intercoms may also be available in an emergency. You can request a tour of the grounds and inside the apartment you will be leasing. It is important to examine the security systems of each unit and determine their strength. A keycard lock system can be a great security measure if you choose a multi-story storage unit that restricts access to units. You should check the durability of any padlocks that are still in use at the facility. Some facilities allow you to bring your own padlocks. However, it is best to buy the strongest available and avoid using difficult-to-pick padlocks. You should check to see if there are alarm systems in place for burglary or fire. If they do, you can ask if these systems are connected to the nearest fire station.

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